Mundoolun Community Hall, Mundoolun, Logan Wedding with Brisbane Celebrant Elva Nicolson

I was so excited to marry Reghan and Jake. Reghan’s and Jakes hearts were joined in matrimony at Mundoolun Park, outside the Mundoolun Community Centre.

Slightly nervous Jake and only close family and friends waited the bride’s arrival. She arrived and I joined their two beautiful souls as one.

Congratulations Reghan and Jake on your beautiful wedding.

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Married By Elva Reghan & Jake

Reghan you were fashionably late, but this added to the suspense. As the music played you suddenly and magically, appeared around the corner of the Community Hall. Reghan you looked happy, beautiful, and radiant. You had a glow that only a bride can have, a look of sheer beauty and contentment. You knew that this was the day, the day you had always dreamt off; the day you would marry your prince charming.

Reghan and Jake both giggled, laughed and softly spoke to each other throughout the ceremony which was so cute and kept me amused. You shared beautiful, heartfelt vows welcoming your new, soon to born, baby girl. Such a precious moment in time. It was such a pleasure joining your two souls as one.

Elva Nicolson
Brisbane Celebrant

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